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As with most authors, I sit alone in front of my computer for months on end waiting for my characters to tell me what they want to do and say. Then one day I realize our work is done and I send it off to be published. Truth be told, it never ceases to amaze me that my books find their way into to the hands of my readers. Thank you, dear readers.

This is where you can find all the news about what is going on when I’m not at my computer.

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Book Award Finalist

I’m so enthused to share the news that A Sparrow Falls has been short listed in the adult fiction category of the Wishing Shelf Book Awards! How cool is that?!

Head on over to the The Wishing Shelf book awards website  to see the finalists in all  judging categories.

The anticipation builds as the Awards will be announced April 1, 2019. The adult books will be assessed by two Reading Groups, one in London and one in Stockholm. They will decide on the finalists and from these they will pick the gold, silver and bronze winners. They will assess the books according to:

  • EDITING Is there a flow to the text or is it a scratched record? Is it full of tiny/gigantic errors?

  • THEME Is the book current/interesting/original/exciting?

  • STYLE Is it a page-turner? The beginning grips you and the end knocks you for six.

  • COVER Eye-catching?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and marking April 1st on my calendar to see which finalist books move on to WIN!

Sparrow Falls Final Kindle-edit.png

A young girl wants just one day when she isn’t ashamed of who she is

I'm so excited! A Sparrow Falls was nominated for the 2019 Readers Choice Awards contest by TCK Publishing!

Please vote by going here. My book is in Category 13 just use the arrows on the ballot to 13/16 and click on A Sparrow Falls.

I would really appreciate your support…Awards mean a great deal to authors.

Blog Visits

Linda Hill

Linda Hill

I had the pleasure of STAYING IN with Linda Hill. Linda is one of the loveliest people I have met in the world of books. It is with enormous gratitude that I thank her for the opportunity to discuss A Sparrow Falls.

Visit Linda’s Book Bag to see our conversation.

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Book Signing

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