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Simple yet haunting. Evocative, flawless prose that never tries too hard. A little hint of greats like Steinbeck and Harper Lee, but no imitation; part of its quality is a complete absence of self-consciousness in the writing. Wonderful. Don’t miss it.
— Andrew Levy ~Author of The Dweller's Guide To The Planet: All You Need To Know About Everywhere

The American Soul is pictured in this book. I felt myself traveling through the southern United States, driven by the music of the 1960s, in an environment where the Vietnam War marked that generation and divided the world into two. But that farm girl had her own dreams ... and fears.
This book sent me an emotional charge similar to that of Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment.” She has her own style and I believe she will stand out in the American literary scene.
— Mauricio Munhoz - Author of Escape Route: The Untold Story of The SS

A Girl

Bullied and Abused

A Daughter

Denied Her Father’s Love

A Teenager

Seeking Approval in the Wrong Places

A Mother

Wants a Better Life for Her Daughter

Sarah wants just one day when she isn’t ashamed of who she is...

  But her choices to deal with her feelings of abandonment and rejection threaten to destroy who she truly is.

I'm so excited because A Sparrow Falls was just nominated for the 2019 Readers Choice Awards contest by TCK Publishing! Please vote by going here. My book is in Category 13 just use the arrows on the ballot to 13/16 and click on A Sparrow Falls.