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If you follow this page you will learn that my reading taste is very eclectic and is not necessarily tied to the genre I write.

I hope you find some books to add to your To Be Read List. Check out my very long list on GoodReads


Currently Reading

The Son

Philipp Meyer

After the AMC television series ended I had Eli McCullough withdrawal. Truthfully, it was more like Pierce Brosnan withdrawal… but either way…I wanted more. what better solution than to go to the source material.

Recently Finished Reading

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

Alexander McCall Smith

Light, Quick, Easy and Charming.

I recommend this to all ages and readers in all genres.

Next Read

Lehane is one of my favorite living authors

Lehane is one of my favorite living authors

More Books I Recently Enjoyed:

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With the new year I will once again make myself the promise—

no new books until I read the ones I already have. 

I happened upon Dora’s Swift Coffee Blog challenge and decided to give it a try in conjunction with my annual Goodreads Reading Challenge. I will not list all 171 books on my #TBR shelf—that time is better spent reading or writing. Instead, I will list the 35 books I plan to read in 2019. Here are my past accomplishments:

Probably every reader has the same problem: too many books, too little time. Why not join a reading challenge to help you manage your TBR list.

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Don’t forget, if you haven’t already read it—put A Sparrow Falls as number one on your TBR list!

Here’s My #TBR List—Start Yours: