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Arkansas-Idaho-Texas - I don't know


Where are you from? That is a question Vicki Olsen dreads.

Depending on the day of the week the answer could be Arkansas, Texas, Idaho or I don’t know. This is a dilemma familiar to many military brats.

 She was born in Arkansas, but at the age of 2 began her life as an air force brat, moving every two or three years with her JAG officer father as he was transferred to air force bases in Louisiana, Texas, Idaho and Illinois as well as Germany.

She graduated from high school in Idaho, attended the University of Arkansas and spent three decades of her adult life in Dallas, Texas where she gave birth to two native Texans, before returning to Arkansas and her family roots.

She has held a wide variety of jobs , including working as an insurance adjuster, a paralegal, and as the owner of a small antiques and gift store.

Her first novel, A Sparrow Falls, was published the year she turned 70.  It is part of the Tolerance, Arkansas series. She continues to write stories with themes that include family secrets, small town repudiation and spiritual awakening.